Allison Theresa

Issue No. 7 - Autumn 2019

Every morning I see him. After I’ve returned to bed with a cup of coffee, vulnerable in worn t-shirt and night sweat, a balding man with rounded shoulders leans half his body out his window to light a cigarette. I can almost smell his smoke.


Jodie Briggs

Issue No. 7 - Autumn 2019

They chime every hour, their sound easily carrying across the four Brooklyn blocks to my apartment. Even with the windows closed I hear their song. The melodies are instantly familiar, transporting me five hundred and eighty miles south to my rural hometown of Denton, North Carolina.

I've Lived Here my Entire Life

Alexandra Bildsoe

Issue No. 5 - Autumn 2018

The skyline of Minneapolis is the most beautiful skyline in the world. Perfectly balanced and varied, not too gaudy or elaborate but with a very impressive golden tower. The skyline is small, mainly comprised of four or five main buildings, just enough to call them by name and give some attention to each without taking up too much time.

A Citizen Gone with the Wind

Melissa Knox

Issue No. 5 - Autumn 2018

 Like many a co-op owner, I got in when the getting was good: my dad, fond of the expression, “buy land, ‘cause God ain’t making more of it,” acquired the place in the seventies for the price of today’s chicken coop. There was a catch: the previous tenant, an isolated octogenarian, had slumped to the floor, dead, remaining undiscovered until body fluids soaked the floorboards.

Over The River & Through The Woods

Alison Rodriguez

Issue No. 1 - Summer 2017.

When my husband, Paul, told me that we had to move to New York City, I cried. Not the tears of joy that you might be assuming would greet the announcement that we would be moving to arguably (not arguably) the greatest city in the world. Not tears of anticipation or elation, not tears of happiness or excitement. Tears, through racking sobs, of sorrow.


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