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Updated: Jan 26

July 26th, 2019

Introducing the Curlew Daily; at least fifty words, no more than five hundred, published on our website each day. Musings and reflections on the streets and homes and sounds and sights of New York, New York.

As the editor, I wanted to touch base with our readers, subscribers, and supporters more often. Curlew Daily will serve as a lens into the process and care and time that goes into creating, printing, and distributing, and growing our journal.

We’re young, two years next month, though unafraid, and excited about all that awaits and still remains possible for our journey.

I started this magazine in 2017 in order to carve out spaces for poets and writers and distinct professionals living in New York, New York.

Right now, as for space, we have these pages; in time, and in collaboration with Curlew New York, and anyone else who wishes to support us in our mission; through the form of writing residencies, we will carve our living spaces: apartments, houses, buildings, and who knows what else for the poets and writers who have always and will always make New York, New York sing.

All of my best,

Isaac Myers III

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