Curlew Monthly - No. 5 - September 16th, 2018 - Robert Englebright - "The Man from Pekin, Illinois."

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Portrait by Alexandra Bildsoe


Robert Englebright and the editor of Curlew Quarterly, Isaac Myers III, read from "The Man from Pekin, Illinois," which covers Englebright's journey from Pekin, Illinois; to New York City; and back to Chicago, where he first got his start within the commercial photography field.

Along the way, Englebright has served in the Air Force; assisted Victor Skrebneski and Mary Ellen Mark; and has continuously honed his craft as a photographer, most recently focusing on shooting interior spaces for interior designers and real estate agents.

The profile details how Englebright has made his way through the field of commercial photography over the last three decades, and covers some of the challenges ––– both personal and professional, which have molded and shaped his life and work.

The profile appears in Issue No. 1 of Curlew Quarterly, which was published in August of 2017. This interview took place almost one year after later, in July of 2018, on the occasion of Englebright's return to New York City for a week.

A brief interview with Englebright follows. Curlew Monthly - No. 5 - Robert Englebright - "The Man from Pekin, Illinois."

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