Curlew Monthly - No. 6 - November 22nd, 2018 - Abigail Conklin

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Portrait by Adrian Moens


Abigail Conklin's poetry can hit you in the face, though sometimes it also punches you in the gut, or pulls you by the heart, forward. Her work doesn't hold back, and it doesn't waste any time. Issue No. 4 features two of her poems, "I Think it Would've Made You Happy," as well as "Seasonal Social Events."

For this Curlew Monthly, she joined us for an afternoon following an early autumn snowstorm the evening before; reading some of her work, answering a few of our questions, and keeping us not just on our toes, but also, whenever the occasion required (and it often did), ready to dig in, sit back, and remember all of the words that can't be said, which all at once can be said, through poetry.

Curlew Monthly - No. 6 - Abigail Conklin

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