Curlew Monthly - No. 2 - August 26th, 2018 - Andrew Jimenez reads from Issue No. 1 - Summer 2017.

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

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A graduate of the New School's MFA program, Andrew Jimenez is an editor at F(r)iction magazine and is working on a novel that reimagines the early life of Abraham Lincoln. His writing has appeared in The Paris Review Daily, Curlew Quarterly, F(r)iction, and Luna Luna. He lives in Brooklyn. Please email him at if you would like to fight him.

In Episode No. 2 of Curlew Weekly, the journal's editor, Isaac Myers III, speaks with Andrew Jimenez, who reads from his essay which appears in Issue No. 1 - Summer 2017, "Bed-Stuy as a Model for Social Democratic Reform in the United States."

Jimenez's essay serves as a review of Michael Woodsworth's book, The Battle for Bed-Stuy, which examines how the Lyndon B. Johnson Era's War on Poverty affected the historic neighborhood.

Jimenez's work draws interesting and important connections between how the Occupy Wall Street movement mirrors the efforts of block associations, as well as individual minds and visionaries who were creating changes within Bedford-Stuyvesant during the mid-Twentieth century. It also goes further, drawing parallels between the inability of capitalism to reach the needs of societies that require social-capital for their growth, rather than merely the influx of more money, along with the federal programs designed to eradicate poverty.

Overall, Jimenez's essay, while pulling in and examining Wordsworth's work, addresses two critical questions: (1) How can ideas generated on the local level be successfully carried out across broader and more wide-sweeping channels, and with the support of the federal government; and (2) What can the federal government learn from ideas which are outgrowths of local energies, and individual minds?

A brief interview follows - Curlew Monthly - Episode No. 2 - Andrew Jimenez reads from "Bed-stuy as a model for Social-Democratic Reform in the United States."

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