Curlew Monthly - No. 3 - September 1st, 2018 - Sean Damlos-Mitchell reads "Ext. / Int."

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Portrait by Emily Fishman


Sean M. Damlos-Mitchell received an MFA from The New School in poetry in 2013. He has previously published poems in Whole Beast Rag, Poem Tiger, The Mackinac, and Hot Street, and he is the author of SINCERELY SPACEMAN, a chapbook published by The New Megaphone.

Sean grew up in California & Arizona and currently lives in Brooklyn and teaches English and history at a private school in Manhattan.

In Episode No. 3 of Curlew Weekly, Damlos-Mitchell reads the two poems which appear within Issue No. 1 - Summer 2017 of Curlew Quarterly, "Ext. / Int." and "Int. / Ext," as well as work dating back to 2012, and more recent poems.

Damlos-Mitchell's poems pay close attention to their arrangement on the page, often creating a rhythmic feel and sound, which pull you into their world. The topics within the set of poems that he reads here range from something as mundane as staring up at a light-fixture which hangs from the ceiling of his bedroom ("Fixture"), to topics as vast as space exploration ("Space Oddities"), and important as the haphazard reorganization of our seasons ("Unchanging World").

If there's one thread that ties together these poems, it would be their ability to inquire; to ask interesting questions to and of readers, and to trust that the questions, even more than the answers, can hold their own weight.

A brief interview follows. - Episode No. 3 - Sean Damlos-Mitchell.

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