No. 10 - “A Gift from messagingLAB”

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

August 4th, 2019

This past Friday afternoon I spoke with Karl Schmieder, a friend, a writer, a colleague, and a personal source for inspiration. For our fiction piece for Issue No. 7 – Autumn 2019, we’ll publish the first chapter from his novel, Fifteen Minute Confession, which is set in Brazil, and inter alia, weaves in the seemingly mismatched world of German-made Volkswagen vehicles.

When we spoke on Friday, I asked him a bit about his work with messagingLAB –––– Strategy. Marketing. Content.; a company that he first stared almost twenty years ago, which amongst other services, assists life science companies with developing and sharing their brand stories. As we spoke, he filled me in on his plan for the twelve week content series that he’s in the midst of with messagingLAB. The weekly newsletter reaches your inbox on Sunday mornings ––– “because no one else sends their content then,” he said on Friday.

This week’s newsletter arrived in my inbox at 5:59am; and it’s subject line follows: “Are You a ROCKSTAR Yet? If You’re Going to Share YOUR IDEAS ––– and you SHOULD –––– Great Things Can Happen.” You can sign up for the newsletter from the website, and also read the blog, with titles such as "Don't Be McBoring. Essential Tricks for Remarkable Storytelling," here.

Having started the Curlew Daily ten days ago, these were the words that I needed to hear. My idea is simple: that a real estate brokerage can support a literary and photo journal of New York city neighborhoods, and that together, the two can carve out residences for poets and writers within the city.

Each day, we’re chipping away at making that idea a reality, and thankfully, spending time with, and speaking with, and reading Schmieder’s work helped make today another day in which I gained a bit more courage and strength to move forward, and to continue sharing this idea.

I’ll leave you with a passage from the e-mail, the one that reached out and grabbed my heart this morning, and still rests with me this evening: “You have to share your ideas. If you don’t, they might as well not exist.”

All of my best,

Isaac Myers III

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