No. 11 - "It's a bit like being on vacation . . . being out on the balcony, and writing."

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Portrait and photograph (below) by Alexandra Bildsoe


August 5th, 2019

On days like this it's nice to think about spending time outside, day or night, in the quiet of one's own backyard, writing. It's even better to actually do it.

About twenty-one months ago we spoke with Chris Gisonny at his place in Williamsburg. This was before the L train was scheduled to shut down, so in addition to filling us in on the impulse for his then recent relocation ––– to be closer to the J Train, he also showed us around the four-bedroom apartment, which is tucked away behind South Fourth Street.

Back then it was the third week of November; and although we didn't spend a lot of time talking and shooting out in his backyard, when the interview nearly drew to its close, we naturally drifted outdoors.

Two of the shots from out there on that cool and bright November afternoon, along with Gisonny's answer to my question ––– "When it's warm enough, do you write out here?" –– make up our daily. The entire interview from Issue No. 2 - Autumn 2017 can be read here, along with Gisonny's essay from the issue, Crisis Cinema: New York, Austerity, and the Movies.

Isaac Myers III


Isaac: When it's warm enough, do you write out here?

Chris: Yeah, especially at night, because with the lights near the buildings that light our courtyard, it feels nice. It's a bit like being on vacation and staying at a hotel, and being out on the balcony, and writing. I'm very excited to have a balcony, and a yard. It's just the best.

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