No. 110 - From our Archives - Burrow Patisserie.

November 12th, 2019

June 17, 2016

Located on the ground level of 68 Jay Street, Burrow Patisserie happens to be in the same building as Curlew. It's an intimate, warm, and inviting space that's just a few steps away from the main lobby's elevators.

Once you step inside, you feel as though you've stepped into an art gallery. You can touch the art. And you can also eat it. Not in one bite, but slowly, and delectably.

Each of the treats that the owner, Ayako Kurokawa, and her staff have put together are presented to you as worlds within themselves, with each accompanied by beautifully hand-written signs that describe the exhibit, and let you know the price for the opening bid.

While the treats are enjoyable enough on their own, the various espresso and tea drinks are made with focus and care, as they carry the taste and feel of a drink that has been made without rushing in mind.

They're delivered to you with a smile, and most often in a classic royal blue and white bodega/street-coffee paper cup, adorned with all-caps Greek letters that declare, "IT'S OUR PLEASURE TO SERVE YOU." The staff is excellent. So when they hand you this cup (usually with two hands), you actually believe that serving you is their pleasure. In truth, the pleasure is all yours.

Kurokawa credits French recipes for many of the pastries, but also acknowledges that her American and Japanese influences have shaped, molded, and inspired her creations.

And while the French, Japanese, and American influences converge to create most of the treats, there's one dish that catches my eye each time I've visited: The Affogato, which, in Italian translates to "drowned."

As the name indicates, it's an Italian dessert. Most commonly it's made up of a scoop of vanilla ice-cream that gets 'drowned' in shot of espresso. And like a visit to Burrow, I can't think of any time of day in which this doesn't sound terrific.

Open Mondays through Fridays, 9am to 6pm, Saturdays 1pm - 5pm, and resting on Sundays. 68 Jay Street, lobby.


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