No. 112 - Anything that Expands Contracts First: Introducing the Curlew Sunday Soiree: 12/8/19.

Photography: Adrian Moens.


November 14th, 2019.

Anything and everything that expands contracts first. I am at my desk on Hudson Street after the Curlew reading, rescheduled from October 30th, 2019. This evening we sat in Housing Works in a circle, ten of us, maybe eleven. Karl read and I read and Jodie read and when it was all over we all went home, but first I talked with Adrian Moens about scarves and cookbooks and winter gear and Andy Watson re-subscribed and Ting bought a copy of Issue No. 7. And Don Hogle surprised me and showed up.

Karl brought friends and Jodie brought friends and had me read the italicized song titles that appear in her work for this issue, "Sounds." And it all felt very quiet and still, though almost as though the goal is no longer in sight, as though creating writing residencies in a city where real estate prices only go up is too much to ask for, and that it makes more sense to give up and go home and call the journal off –––– "We had a good run."

But anything that expands has to contract first. The leaves must fall off of the trees before they can bloom again at spring; ocean waves pull away from the shore before the tide moves in washes upon the shore again, more fervent than before. And Curlew is no different. We're only beginning.

And when I pause for a while still in my mind's eye I can see each of the six readings that we've given; and I'll write the contributors' names because they're important:

Issue No. 1 - Summer - 2017:

Andrew Jimenez, Ben Janse, Sean Damlos-Mitchell, Robert Englebright, Jason Koo, Allison Rodriguez.

Issue No. 2 - Autumn 2017:

Jamie O'Hara Laurens, Megan Cossey, Mervyn Taylor, Chris Gisonny, Friko Starc.

Issue No. 3 - Winter 2017-18:

Tess Congo, Diana Poon, Adrian Moens, Tom Davidson, Ashley Glass –––– Bruce Silverglade, Darryl Pierre, Raul Frank, David Lawrence, John Douglas.

Issue No. 4 - Summer 2018:

Abigail Conklin, Liz Adams, An Duplan, Andy Watson, Dale Kaplan.

Issue No. 5 - Autumn 2018:

Don Hogle, Liora Mondlak, Jeff Haber, Melissa Knox, Koby Keys, Alexandra Bildsoe.

Issue No. 6 - Winter 2018-19:

Reginald Eldridge Jr., Julia Knobloch, Angela Sundstrom.

Issue No. 7 - Autumn 2019:

Beatriz Kaye, Alison Theresa, Jodie Briggs, Karl Schmieder, Catherine Wald.


Emily Fishman, Adrian Moens, Alexandra Bildsoe.


What's next; where do we go from here? We will host the first Curlew Sunday Soiree on the afternoon of Sunday, December 8th, 2019. We will read and talk real estate and housing in our city.

Hors d’oeuvres and drinks, alcoholic and non, along with intellectualism balanced with heart and emboldened with purpose will be served. More details to follow.

All of our best,

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