No. 113 - "foreground cat," photography by Alexandra Bildsoe, from the shoot with Catherine Wald.

November 15th, 2019

An excerpt from Catherine Wald’s poem, “A Rent Stabilized Tenant Ponders Her Demise,” from Issue No. 7 - Autumn 2019, below. Enjoy the weekend.

All of our best,

Curlew Quarterly.

In memoriam, R... of Apartment 1F. Died May; discovered June; apartment sealed by police through November; furniture (bureaus, end tables, three-foot tall plaster panther) discarded December; removal of fixtures and interior demolition January; closet construction, taping, plastering and painting February.

After my lifeless body is evicted from the erstwhile parlor of this 1892 row house, a fresh cadre of bulky smokestacking laborers will chuck my kitchen-table-cum-desk, framed posters of operas and medieval botanicals, brocade tag-sale cushions, realistic fake flowers, miniature pine tree, and faux-vintage lamps onto the sidewalk.”

- Catherine Wald.

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