No. 123 - MoJoosh and Matcha.

November 25th, 2019

If ever you've wanted to learn the fine art of preparing and serving matcha, Brooklyn has a place for that ––– it's in Park Slope, and one Tuesday each month, the entity known as MoJoosh (building community through the prism of tea) hosts matcha gatherings; where the formalities of the ancient Japanese matcha tea ceremony are taught but not enforced.

I went today and learned, inter alia, the following: one way to communicate enjoyment of a single serving of matcha tea is to finish, in three pronounced and steady sips, the bowl of matcha that the tea master has set before you. Then following the third sip –––– rotate the face of the bowl from two o'clock to five o'clock then set the bowl before you once more.

In addition to matcha ceremonies, Mojoosh also hosts monthly tea tastings, as well as monthly tea gatherings at locations throughout Brooklyn. A winter tea tasting in Prospect Park is planned for January. Bundle up.

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