No. 126 - Grateful.

This afternoon, after a four mile run, before dinner, and as I was drifting awake once more from a quick nap, I had this vision and feeling; I could see it and it was also in my body. The year is 2039 and I’m up early on a late autumn Saturday morning, not wanting to waste any moment of the day. It’s cloudy and cold; and I know just what I want to make of the weekend. The pages of Curlew Quarterly are still waiting for me, and I still have the excitement and desire to help bring another issue to life, No. 67 - Autumn 2039. This evening I am honored and humbled to have been able to meet and work with our authors and contributors who have help create and send Issue Nos. 1 - 7 out into the world; and grateful for an unwritten and wide open future, which very well may be filled with another twenty years worth of our literary and photo journal of New York City neighborhoods. May it be so.

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