No. 144 - From our archives - Photo-Poetics at the Guggenheim.

January 29th, 2016

Whether you've made your brunch and open house plans for the weekend or still have a few things up in the air, if you're up for a bit more exploring and enjoyment of the Upper East Side, then you may want to stop by the Guggenheim for an hour or two this Saturday or Sunday afternoon. 

Even without a keen interest in poetry or photography, anyone with a bit of curiosity as well as an appreciation for capturing tiny moments of wonderment, intimacy, or bliss may find plenty to enjoy at the Guggenheim's current exhibit, "Photo-Poetics: An Anthology" (through March 27). 

Featuring contributions from ten different artists, "Photo-Poetics" hones in on the intersection between visual images; our emotional reactions to those images; the stories we tell ourselves in response to those images and reactions; and the feelings that we carry away from the exhibit and hold throughout the rest of our lives, or at the very least, for the next few hours.

The photographs vary from the personal and intimate ––– a woman with very red lipstick who looks to have just began crying ––– to the more expansive and over-arching ––– a shot of  New York City's skyline or a photo of the rising (or setting) sun over an ocean at dawn (or dusk).  

Though you won't quite be able to measure it, more likely than not, you'll walk out with a bit something more than what you had when you walked in. 

The Guggenheim Museum. 1071 Fifth Avenue (Between East 88th and East 89th). Open from 10am to 7:45pm on Saturday, and 10am to 5:45pm on Sunday.


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