No. 146 - From our Archives - Already Home - Barbara Gates.

January 11th, 2016

While there's a number of books that highlight the benefits of meditation, and a wide-selection of books that celebrate the importance of having a clean and bright place to call home, there's not quite as many books that successfully pull off a combination of these two concepts. Barbara Gates' Already Home is one of those books.

First and foremost, the books is a memoir that takes readers through Gates' growing interest in the geographical, social, and political history of her neighborhood, a suburb of Berkley, California. Intrigued by the stories woven within the history of her physical location, Gates not only meets locals who help her conceptualize her relation to the land and place in which her house resides, but also encounters moving letters and stunning accounts of her family history that inform, shape, and strengthen her relationship with her ancestry; the way she identifies herself; and her understanding of home. We enjoyed following Gates' story, and hope you will as well.

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