No. 15. - Adrian Moens - The Verizon Building, 375 Pearl Street.

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

August 9th, 2019

For our daily, I found myself flipping through Issue No. 3 - Winter 2017-18 once more. On Wednesday, I re-read Tess Congo's short story, "Winter in Persephone," and today, one image by Adrian Moens drew me in: the Verizon Building, at 375 Pearl Street.

About sixteen months ago, I remember sitting down with Moens and laying out the photos that would appear in the front of the issue ––– amongst and between the masthead, table of contents, and market report.

This was our first black and white issue, and I didn't know that night would play such a role in setting its tone and feel. Yet as Moens kept showing me photos that he had taken at night, in Red Hook, along the BQE (his photo essay of the expressway also appears within the issue), and in Lower Manhattan, I knew that we had something, and that we should go with it.

Moens' photo of the Verizon Building was shot with film, so when combined with the black and white, it looks and feels as though it were from a different time, decades and decades, and decades ago ––– back when buildings could be rectangles, and required no flair.

- Isaac Myers III

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