No. 153 - All of our best on Christmas Day - "Everything has a story," - Don Hogle & Liora Mondlak.

December 25th, 2019

Last November Don Hogle and Liora Mondlak welcomed me into their homes for an interview for Issue No. 5 - Autumn 2018, which carries Hogle's poem, "Transmigration," as well as a poem from Mondlak, "Natural Resources."

After we moved from Hogle's place near Union Square and began the interview again at Mondlak's place in Harlem, I asked Liora what comfort feels like. In response she offered that "Comfort is making a home," and explained, "it feels like I can look around and see the story of my life."

An excerpt from the interview along with two photographs by Emily Fishman from Hogle's place, below.

All of our best,

Curlew Quarterly

Photography by Emily Fishman


Liora: So this is comfort. Making a home, making my home.

Interviewers: What does that feel like?

Liora: It feels like I look around and I see the story of my life.

Interviewers: What you’ve been up to, the places that you’ve gone . . .

Liora: Yes. Just from different times in my life, and also my books.

Interviewers: It’s quite a collection.

Liora: I don’t even notice them anymore, except for when I moved, then I noticed. But they also represent parts of me ––– my art books; and my poetry collection. Things from different times in my life, and different places that I’ve been to, a bit like your place.

Don: Yes, exactly. I hadn’t thought about it that way, but it’s so true. Everything has a story, even ornaments on a Christmas tree. When I’m home, I can trace all of the bits of my life, just going through those ornaments on the tree.

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