No. 159 - For 2019, we give thanks.

Updated: Jan 1

For 2019, we give thanks. Curlew Quarterly does not exist without our contributors; and I'm grateful to have met and worked with each of the authors and photographers who have offered their talent and their time this year. And this evening I'm very much looking forward to carrying this endeavor into the new decade, which will be our finest and most prolific to date, the Roaring Twenties.

All of my best,

Isaac Myers III

Thank you:

Reginald Eldridge Jr. - "I met Job Wilson at Tell Yo Truth, a storytelling event on the Southside, one Thursday evening last February." -The A-Lift.

Jula Knobloch - "I took my bike to die in Industry City today." -Industry City.

Angela Sundstrom - "In the niche of a movie theater / desire moves like a volt." -The Beginning Before the Beginning.

Jodie Briggs - "They chime every hour, their sound easily carrying across the four Brooklyn blocks to my apartment." -Sounds.

Beatriz Kaye Jones - "As seen through the cracks between my mother's fingers: / Black cape draped / on proud shoulders . . ." -Madonna.

Karl Schmieder -"'Mr. Alexander, what do you think about the way VW do Brasil's shut down of the factory at Via Anchieta?" -Fifteen Minute Confession.

Allison Theresa - "Every morning I see him. After I've returned to bed with a cup of coffee, vulnerable in worn t-shirt and night sweat, a balding man with rounded shoulders leans half his body out his window to light a cigarette." from Green.

Catherine Wald - "In memoriam, R... of Apartment 1F. Died May; discovered June; apartment sealed by police through November," -A Rent Stabilized Tenant Ponders Her Demise.

Adrian Moens, for portraits and photography with Julia Knobloch, Beatriz Kaye, and Allison Theresa.

Emily Fishman. For portraits and photography with Reginald Eldridge Jr., Jodie Briggs, and Karl Schmieder, along with the cover image for Issues Nos: 6 and 7.

and Alexandra Bildsoe. For portraits and photography with Angela Sundstrom and Catherine Wald.

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