No. 165: Cathy Wald - "I thought it was great I had my own place with a piece of foam on the floor."

Updated: Jan 7

January Sixth, 2020

Catherine Wald, who authored a collection of interviews detailing the triumphs of having one's writing rejected, The Resilient Writer, lives in the most colorful apartment that I've ever seen. She has three writing desks, which she describes as "not really enough," and has lived in her Upper West Side studio since the mid-eighties. "I literally walked in the door and I knew I wanted it. I told the landlord immediately. It didn't look anywhere as nice as it does now." Wald's poem, "A Rent-stabilized Tenant Ponders Her Demise," which captures a bit of the magic woven throughout the love affair that she's had with her apartment, appears within Issue No. 7 - Autumn 2019.

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Portrait and photography by Alexandra Bildsoe.


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