No. 167 - The view from Williamsburg - three-family brownstone - photography by Robert Englebright.

The nostalgia I hold for the photos of this house (as well as the joy that I gain) grows deeper each time I view them. Almost four years ago I was enlisted to find a buyer for this three-family property in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Almost right away I asked for the help of Robert Englebright, a photographer who I knew, who I was certain could help capture a bit of the house's magic. Almost a year later and within the first issue of this publication, Issue No. 1 - Summer 2017, I wrote about Englebright in The Man from Pekin, Illinois. That summer he was preparing to move back to Illinois (this time to Chicago) after spending nearly two decades in New York. More of his real estate photography, as well as his portraiture work, can be found on his website.

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