No. 174 -That kind of morning in Boerum Hill - Jodie Briggs' "Sounds."

Jodie Briggs' piece on how her memories from her hometown in Denton, North Carolina have travelled with her to New York, "Sounds,"appears within our most recent issue, Autumn 2019. An excerpt from the interview with Jodie at her place in Boerum Hill, below. All of our best, Curlew Quarterly. Interviewers: How often do you find yourself out on the balcony? Jodie: As long as the weather is tolerable I come out every morning. As soon as I get up, I’ll make coffee and bring my personal computer out here, I don’t deal with work until nine zero zero ––– so I’ll bring my personal computer out here, I’ll read the news and drink my coffee. It’s very nice. Interviewers: It sounds like it. How about when it’s a little cooler? Jodie: I hate being cold, so probably not that cold. But I’ve definitely put on a heavy coat and a scarf and have valiantly tried to work out here, but it doesn’t work. Interviewers: So maybe October, November? Jodie: October would be the latest. I also do this at beaches when it’s not warm enough to be out on the beach. So I’ll go out there and shiver, then just end up leaving. But I always try. If it’s too hot I try to make do, but it doesn’t always work. Interviewers: I like that you make a valiant effort. Jodie: Definitely. I fight for what’s important to me.

Photography by Emily Fishman

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