No. 176 - "Friday Afternoon in Early January at Wythe and North Third." - Julia Hanson.

Next to you at the gnarled slab of wood is a woman photographing her matcha. It's raining. Every street corner is strewn with wet, drooping Christmas trees. Nothing about this table is communal, you think. You feel guilty for being so relieved to be back. You scowl at your blurry, fragile hopes for the new year. Then 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' begins to play. The lights on the Williamsburg bridge come on all at once, like plugging in the Christmas tree. In this kismet there's solidarity, and something is lifted from you. Once it's gone, you're on your way.

January Third, 2020

Julia Hanson is a creative producer and writer living in Williamsburg. She studied English Literature and Poetry at Dickinson College. 

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