No. 19 - Navigating Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo - A Quick Parking Tip.

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

August 13th, 2019

Upon returning to Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights from Nassau County, I found myself circling and circling and circling the neighborhood for parking, as you do when wanting to park in downtown Brooklyn in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday. I grew disheartened. I lost faith and decided to drive back toward Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, or Park Slope; where the parking prospects, though not great, would be more promising.

Upon heading north on Columbia Heights, I spotted what looked like an open spot on Vine Street. As I had already seen several “spots” that were fire hydrants I did not get my hopes up, though I did decide to circle back around by taking a right on Old Fulton Street, then a right onto Vine Street, and then a right once more, onto Vine Street.

The spot I thought was a spot was reserved for truck loading; however two more spots, actual parking spots, were open. I chose the south side of the street, where alternate side street sweeping wouldn’t happen for another week. Vine Street, which is just past Old Fulton Street, runs parallel to the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, so when you turn onto Vine, it’s easy to think you’re bound for the B.Q.E., whether you want to or not. As most think this is the case, and as Vine Street waits there, as an exit before you even merge onto the highway, there's less parked cars, and more parking spaces.

- Isaac Myers III

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