No. 201 - Photography by Emily Fishman - from Issue No. 3 - Winter 2017-18.

Updated: Feb 22

I spent one Saturday afternoon in early 2018 at Gleason's Gym, interviewing Ashley Glass and Raul Frank for Glass' piece within Issue No. 3 - Winter 2017-18, "A Bell Goes Off." I don't think I'll ever forget standing ringside with my voice-recorder and pen and notebook, ready to run through my question-set, as Glass sparred with Frank. Of course, Emily Fishman was there the entire time, stepping over training benches and ducking around punching bags in order to capture small breaths, jabs, and quiet moments of reflection from the afternoon. It's one thing to shoot in someone's home or office, but an entirely different punch-in-the-gut to interview and shoot within a boxing gym. Or better yet, not just any boxing gym, but Gleason's.

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February 20th, 2020

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