No. 205 - Thank you for your patience. And we mean it.

The journey across the East River from Brooklyn to Manhattan, has taken its toll on the development and growth of our literary and photo journal of New York City neighborhoods, though not on its strength and spirit. At present, we're stronger and more optimistic regarding the establishment of writers residencies within our city than we have ever been before –––– though also, more mindful, and moving with an intention to not grow and expand too quickly. Said otherwise, we're taking deliberate, focused, and measured steps toward the promise land.

Over the coming weeks and months we'll offer more details regarding the upcoming spring and summer season for Curlew, as well as a prospectus concerning the printed issues planned for 2020. This year we'll be speaking with and hearing from a number of new voices ––– poets and writers who've just begun making their mark in New York; checking in with more established authors who have wrestled and danced with this city for decades and decades; and also revisiting with an important voice, someone instrumental in the founding and continuation of Curlew Quarterly. Stay tuned.

With intention, optimism, and a slow and steady pen ––– in the days, weeks, and months ahead, we're looking forward to sending out more Curlew Dailies, along with the next issues of our Quarterly. And of course, we thank you, dear reader, for your continued faith, interest, and support of this endeavor.

All of our best,

Curlew Quarterly

February Twenty-seventh, 2020

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