No. 212 - Bird & Branch (359 West 45th Street). The Nightingale.

There is a coffee shop in Hell's Kitchen on West Forty-Fifth Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenue that serves drinks that blend coffee and tea in combinations and under circumstances that I would never consider reasonable.

This was the case before I tried the Nightingale, which beyond a species of bird, is also the Bird & Branch's combination of earl-grey tea infused milk (brew the tea and steep it in milk) combined with one or two shots of espresso.

The drink at once lifts you up and sends your mind in several different places (in the way that only espresso can), while also rubbing your shoulders and back and telling you that everything is alright, and that everything will be alright, and that you are safe (in the way that only tea can).

Go to Hell's Kitchen. Walk into the Bird & Branch. Ask for the Nightingale. And have it both ways.

March Fourteenth, 2020

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