No. 213 - Timelines.

There's a gravity that comes with walking the streets of Manhattan and witnessing, yes, witnessing, store after store, bar after bar, and restaurant after restaurant with either their gate closed and shut, or a sign conveying their regrets that they've either closed or are only open "for take-out and delivery only."

In times like this it's natural to question, to wonder, and to look back: were there decisions that should have been made earlier, and precautions that could have been taken sooner, which would have changed where we are now. It's natural to watch the news, to keep up with the decisions that are coming down from our mayor, our governor, our congress and senate, and even our president, no matter how egoic, narcissistic, inept, and confused he may be.

Though what's natural may appear to occur on its own, at its center it's the result of the subconscious mind, which can be directed and reprogramed at any time –––– if one's want and will for a change in perception is strong enough.

Each day is different. Each day there are updates, figures, numbers and charts and tables to interpret. More often than not, the news isn't good. And as I write this morning, seeking stability, understanding, and a way to navigate the tides that change each day, what I am wanting for myself, for Curlew Quarterly, and for those who have read and contributed to, and who are reading and contributing to our pages is that we continue trusting, and living and speaking from our hearts –––– for that's how the natural changes, how moment by moment we grow together and create new timelines and realities ––– even if months from now, which are brighter, stronger, and more heartfelt than we've ever experienced before.

March Eighteenth, 2020

All of our best,

Curlew Quarterly

All of my best,

Isaac Myers III

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