No. 231 - A poem is a bridge into another world.

A poem is a bridge into another world. A bridge is a poem into another bridge. A bridge is a bridge and then there's a poem, which leads to another world and also to a bridge. A bridge is a gap. It's a space between worlds. A world is a poem and a bridge is only a poem if the poem takes you to another world. In another world we were driving, or I was driving and you were in the passenger seat, writing poems and outside there was rain. The poems you were writing were about the rain. Those poems were a bridge and on the bridge there was rain. A poem written on a bridge beneath the rain creates another world. In another world I was in the passenger seat writing poems about bridges and outside there was rain and you were driving and I was listening to the poems you were writing in another world. In another world I heard a bridge of sound and you were driving across it, signaling left and merging toward the on-ramp. We saw the traffic and I looked up from the poem I was writing which caused the bridge to carry us into another world. The rain drops fell into another world and the sound of your laugh fell into this poem and we were walking across a bridge which felt like a poem. You told me a poem is not a bridge but a bridge is a poem and also another world is only a bridge when the poem and the bridge have agreed to cross into another world. I found the photo of the bridge that you took when we were walking beneath the rain. I framed the photo and we placed it on an oakwood table beside the fireplace. One night outside it was raining and together inside by the fire we read a poem. The poem we read was a bridge. The bridge lead into another world.

Photo from @artskooldamage

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