No. 24 - The View from Chelsea - a Visit with the Empire State Building.

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

August 18th, 2019

This is New York City. The neighborhood is Chelsea. And this shot was taken from a sixth-floor balcony facing north on West Twenty-ninth Street, between Sixth and Seventh Avenue.

Taking the shot felt like sneaking up on the Empire State Building, or as though I was kneeling beside it and pretending to tie my shoes, but all the while looking up and over in wonder: what was it that drew to this place eight years ago, and what is it that’s keeping me here?

All day today I breathed into these questions, not needing any one specific answer, but trusting that the visions for Curlew that first came to me four years ago did not move into my conscious mind because they wanted to slink away, roll over, and leave in four years time; but instead, because they knew, and I knew, that this city could use and want and nurture a real estate brokerage that nurtures, believes in, and publishes a literary and photo journal, and that the two, overtime, would learn to love, carry, and support each other in manners and ways that would surpass even my own imagination.

- Isaac Myers III

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