No. 25 - The View from Clinton Hill - At Home with An Duplan, as photographed by Emily Fishman.

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Photograph by Emily Fishman


August 19th, 2019

Each day the sun sets earlier, the heat feels less stifling, and the hints of what the first chill of autumn will feel like grows stronger.

Given the fading summer, earlier today I was looking through last summer's issue again and was pulled in by one photograph by Emily Fishman from the shoot with An Duplan. In their living room, even though it only appears in small doses: the chair, one throw pillow, and the poster on the wall between the windows, yellow reins supreme.

That afternoon in Clinton Hill, Emily, An, and I were sitting in the living room as An offered their wisdom on the importance of doing not doing when approaching the creative process; the benefits and the drawbacks of recovering old memories; and also offered one gem concerning what they enjoy about living in New York.

"I fuck with Brooklyn and New York City in general because I like the idea of public anonymity. The city can be very leveling, in terms of the sense that you or I could go outside and start screaming and yelling, and people might look at us, but no one would be perturbed to their core about it." - An Duplan.

- Isaac Myers III

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