No. 32 - At home and work with Friko Starc - as photographed by Emily Fishman.


August 26th, 2019

I’ve had moments in this city, opportunities that have revealed themselves as though they were there the entire time, just waiting for me to be ready, and to embrace them. In moments like these, everything has shifted. I’ve gained clarity, and have been able to see the way ahead, even if its only been a tiny beam of light that’s pulled me forward, and shown me the way.

One of those moments happened almost four years ago, when I was looking for an office space and met Friko Starc, the founder of Chaco, who was renting desks at the Kongo, in Dumbo. Curlew New York was one month old, and Starc welcomed me to Dumbo with a smile and a handshake and an excitement and zest for life that helped me believe that I could actually turn my dreams for this company into reality.

Friko Starc is someone I’ll always be grateful for, and in 2017, I wrote about his life and journey and work as a strategist for our fall issue: “How Instincts Explain the World.

Emily Fishman took the photos above and below in Starc’s place in Williamsburg, and more photographs from the office that Starc runs and works out of and welcomed me to four years ago appear alongside the profile.

- Isaac Myers III


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