No. 33 - The view from Dumbo - a Reflection in Time.

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

August 27th, 2019

There will be fits and starts, restarts and things I thought I had already taken care of that will need to be taken care of again.

There will be recurring memories and dreams and visions that happen one year, then replay themselves over again a few years later.

When I first moved into Dumbo in 2015, I had this idea that I’d create and grow a full-service residential real estate brokerage. I had chosen a name, Curlew New York, and had closed my first sale a month before, and was trusting that the pieces would steadily fall into place —- if I could just keep myself in a good place, and continue to believe in the idea.

That was two years before we launched the first issue of Curlew Quarterly (@curlewquarterly_), and one year before I took this photo of 57 Jay Street.

Since then, Curlew has closed five more sales, and we’ve created and sent six issues of Curlew Quarterly out into the world.

And although these days I find myself going back to square one, and re-writing the marketing plan for Curlew, I can trust in the fact that I’ve grown and evolved; that Dumbo 2015 is different from Dumbo 2019; and that the right people and places and events are still falling into place —- all things arriving in good time, and all ideas and dreams still remaining possible.

All of our best,

Curlew New York

Isaac Myers III

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