No. 34 - The view from West Houston Street - Brigadeiro Bakery.

August 28th, 2019

It's not a cupcake. It's not a macaroon. It's not a cookie, a pastry, or a cake. It's a brigadeiro; it's Brazilian; and I tried one for the first time today at West Houston and Sullivan Street, at Brigadeiro Bakery.

I only wanted a cup of tea before meeting a friend for dinner nearby, so I stepped into the closest bakery. After I ordered the green tea, I was told that I could pick a free brigadeiro.

I looked over the glass display case beneath the counter for a while, in my mind, sifting through the options until I went for the brigadeiro of the coffee variety.

I waited until I stepped outside, and was standing near Houston Street at dusk as another late summer evening fell upon the city. I took a sip of the green tea, then went for the brigadeiro: short, sweet, and just enough texture and flavor to lull me back in again before the summer ends.

- Isaac Myers III

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