No. 35 - The view from just outside your door - Latch's keyless entry system.

August 29th, 2019

I previewed 98 Front today, which is under construction, and set to open in May of next year. I'll write more about the building later, but for now I'll offer that during the tour, I learned that each apartment will be outfitted with a Latch keyless entry system. It's not clear whether the name is an extension or a play on the common term, latchkey kids, which refers to children who often returned home after school to an unoccupied home, as their parents were at work.

As the owner of an apartment with a Latch entry system, you can open your door by typing a passcode directly into the Latch device that's mounted onto the door; by holding a key card near the door; or by using the Latch app from your smartphone.

In addition, the Latch app allows you to temporarily share entry codes with guests and visitors; service and delivery personnel, as well as anyone who you may have decided to rent or sublease the place to for a certain amount of time.

In short, you don't have to be home in order to let someone into your home.

- Isaac Myers III

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