No. 40 - What do 2 Girls 1 Coven and Joanna Gaines have in Common?

September 3rd, 2019

Earlier today I found myself browsing the stacks at the back of a JoAnn's Fabrics when I came upon a book from one of the stars of HGTV's Fixer Upper, Joanna Gaines: Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave (2018).

As the title interested me, I flipped to the book's introduction. Within the first few pages, Gaines delivers her take on the most pivotal aspect of creating a space, a home, that you love.

"Throughout this book, you'll notice a theme of 'telling your story' within your home. What I mean is that I want you to approach the design of your home with intention, to surround yourself with items that mean something to you, and choose furnishings and details that make you happy or inspired or contented."

After a while, and a bit later in the day, as I thought back to coming across Gaines' work for the first time, I began asking myself a question, a simple question: what if I took her advice to heart, and not just for designing my home, but for living my life?

This question reminded me of the interview with Beatriz Kaye and Allison Sharp, which is forthcoming within Issue No. 7 - Autumn 2019. When I sat down and chatted with Kaye and Sharp, the founders of 2 Girls 1 Coven, last month, they filled me in on their Lisa Franx Coven work, and the importance of not giving up on the items and things and scents and glitter and art and textiles from our youth. Said otherwise:

"Somehow the life that we’ve built for ourselves is missing all the magic that we took for granted at 13. We wanted to create a portal to a new nostalgia, to revisit the glitter and neon and rainbow, to reclaim the joy of doing shit just because it felt good."

Gaines puts it one way, Kaye and Sharp put it another; though they're saying the same thing.

- Isaac Myers III

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