No. 41 - Andy Watson - Magic. Tumble. Bus.

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Photography by Adrian Moens


September 4th, 2019

Sometimes the most cherished item within an apartment is one that we're wearing. In jest or in fact, this was the case last summer, when we spoke with Andy Watson at his place in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. At the time, Watson was finishing up his book, Love at a Reasonable Price, which is available now, and can be ordered from his website.

An excerpt from Watson's short story from Issue No. 4 - Summer 2018, "The Edge of Time," can be read here. The full interview, along with more photography by Adrian Moens from the shoot with Watson can be read and viewed within last summer's issue. An excerpt from the interview, outlining Watson's take on the Magic Tumble Bus shirt, below.

- Isaac Myers III

Andy: Are you getting the Magic Tumble Bus shirt?

Adrian: Oh fuck yeah I am. That’s really the subject of the photograph to be honest.

Andy: That’s the best part of the apartment.

Isaac: Tell us about the t-shirt.

Andy: It’s from a Boise, Idaho thrift store. I don’t know if I bought it. I think one of my brothers bought it, back in the nineties. Actually, a number of years ago I was in Boise, and Tom was running a congressional campaign, so I was there for six months in 2006.

I was wearing this shirt around town and a few people asked me, Oh you used to work on the Magic Tumble Bus? And I would say, No what is the Magic Tumble Bus? I had no idea, I just had this t-shirt.

But apparently years ago in Boise they had this old school van that had been repurposed into a Magic Tumble Bus. It was full of cushions and gymnastic equipment, and they would drive it to kids parties and kids would tumble in it.

I think that kind of thing lost it’s fervor. Kind of the same way that McDonald’s used to have cool playground equipment.

Isaac: Right. We talked about that at one point, how there are just certain things that you really can’t build anymore.

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