No. 50 - At home with Liora Mondlak: "Who am I trying to be a minimalist for?"

September 13th, 2019

Wishing you a restful weekend, and sending over thoughts from Liora Mondlak, whose poem, "Natural Resources," appears within Issue No. 5.

Three photographs by Emily Fishman from the shoot and interview with Mondlak and Don Hogle, appear below. The interview with Mondlak and Hogle can be read within Issue No. 5 - Autumn 2018.

All of our best,

Curlew Quarterly

Liora: So this is comfort. Making a home, making my home.

Isaac: What does that feel like?

Liora: It feels like I look around and I see the story of my life.

Isaac: What you've been up to, the places that you've gone . . .

Liora: Yes. Just from different times in my life, and also my books.

Isaac: It's quite a collection.

Liora: I don’t even notice them anymore, except for when I moved, then I noticed. But they also represent parts of me ––– my art books; and my poetry collection.

Things from different times in my life, and different places that I've been to, a bit like your place.

Don: Yes, exactly. I hadn't thought about it that way, but it's so true. Everything has a story, even ornaments on a Christmas tree. When I'm home, I can trace all of the bits of my life, just going through those ornaments on the tree.

Liora: I just enjoy the visual excess. Almost every time I move, I think, this time I'm going to do the more minimalist thing. Then I start down that path, and I realize I don’t enjoy living like that, and I think, who am I trying to be a minimalist for?

With that said, I do spend an incredible amount of time figuring out where I'm going to put things.

Isaac: It looks as though you have been pretty confident in your choices so far, it's very nice.

Liora: I appreciate that. It’s interesting, when you're trying to learn how to listen to yourself, how you make choices. Each decision that I’ve made in here, as to where to place things, has been like a mini-epiphany.

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