No. 52 - Everyman Espresso - Serving Damn Fine Coffee in NYC Since 2007.

September 15th, 2019

Anyone who has visited Everyman Espresso on 5th Avenue (162 5th) in Park Slope knows that there's a gentleman who works there who takes service with a smile to a different level. His name is Sam and when he greets you as you walk in the door, your day gets better.

Though it's less about the words that he says and more about how he says them, a few of his go-to phrases include, though are not limited to: "What can I get for you, man?" "How's your day going?" and "You don't take sugar, am I correct?"

He's almost always correct; which brings up the question: what should a coffee shop do, other than serve coffee? Should a coffee shop lift you up as much as the caffeine in your cup, and if so, how does this happen, and what makes one place succeed where others may fail?

I walked into Everyman Espresso this morning, deciding between the China Breakfast tea and a matcha latte. I went with the matcha, then sat outside in the mid-September sun, awaiting the cool of autumn.

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