No. 53 - At home with Julia Knobloch - "Do Not Return."

Photography by Adrian Moens


September 16th, 2019

Earlier this year we published two poems from Julia Knobloch in Issue No. 6 - Winter 2018-19; one of which was "Dispatch from Buenos Aires: Sur/South," which appears below. We were honored to speak with Knobloch at her place in Sunset Park this past February.

And on July 1st, 2019, Knobloch released her first full-length collection of poetry, Do Not Return (Broadstone Books). Our review of Do Not Return is forthcoming.

All of our best,

Curlew Quarterly

Dispatch from Buenos Aries: Sur/South

Julia Knobloch

Barracas. Santa María de los Buenos Ayres, the winds are not fair! They hiss and creep around your blocks and squares, blow dirt into your apartments, tear your hair, lift your skirt, unveil, expose you! Posters clatter in the cold sun of May, splendor of the southern hemisphere. Don’t trust a place where north is west and the moon has no face. The winds, the airline, the light, the pizza, the meat — austral! The currency — austral, sailing, swirling, scintillating at demonstrations, pickets, sit-ins, Argentina, Argentina! Freedom, freedom! Scream, Santa María de los Buenos Ayres, on Brandsen, on San Juan, scream — against these southern winds, against this vermouth frenzy, at the buzzer, scream! On Belgrano, scream, on Rivadavia, on Entre Ríos, scream, the intercom may be broken! Hello, hello, it’s me, Mary, it’s me! The holy trinity has long cashed in! It’s May Day! May Day! It’s every man now for himself!

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