No. 56 - The view from Dumbo, Brooklyn - Our Last Goodbye.

Photograph by Alexandra Bildsoe


September 19th, 2019

At the end of this month, Curlew Quarterly will be leaving Dumbo, Brooklyn. I’m grateful to all of the people who I’ve met in Dumbo over the last four years, none more pivotal than Friko Starc and Dale Kaplan.

When I moved into the neighborhood in September of 2015, I had just closed my very first deal as a real estate broker, and remember feeling inspired by the neighborhood's potential, and what I might create while working here.

Four years later, I can say that the answer has been five more sales, and six issues (nearly seven) issues of Curlew Quarterly.

I always preferred the name Fulton Landing. And still, when I think of Dumbo, I think of 57 Jay Street, Sofia’s apartment, as depicted in Cameron Crowe’s Vanilla Sky (2001). I think of a place near the water, beneath the bridges –––– desolate ––– with trains above being pulled toward and away from Manhattan.

It’s 2019, not 2001 or 2002. And I think I wanted this place to be a place it no longer can be. There’s a thriving residential real estate market, and the Dumbo BID has spent quality time and effort building a community, and narrating and crafting the story of Dumbo, New York. And I'm grateful for the BID, for lending a microphone and speaker for a few Curlew Quarterly readings over the years, and for believing in our journal.

What, if anything, can remain the same for twenty years?

I’m forever grateful for Gleason’s Gym, who opened their doors and welcomed Curlew Quarterly in, creating a space for Ashley Glass to write "A Bell Goes Off" last winter. And I’m looking forward to launching Issue No. 7 – Autumn 2019 at Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry shop next month.

And having interviewed Dale Kaplan last summer, it feels good to know that together with her partner, Joseph Setton, she continues to build and publish and grow the re-launch and re-imagination of Dumbo’s original directory, Dumbo Direct.

All of this is to say, thank you, Dumbo. You will be missed.

More correspondence regarding our new locale, forthcoming.

All of our best,

Curlew Quarterly

All of my best,

Isaac Myers III

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