No. 62 - Arriving Rituals.

Photograph by Adrian Moens


September 25th, 2019

It's easy enough to declare that one has arrived and is home upon walking into his, her, or their door. The outside world is outside; the inside world is inside, and once the bridge between the two has been crossed, for all intents and purposes, an arrival has taken place.

The shoes may be removed; the keys may be set on the counter; coats, jackets, sweaters, what have you ––– may be set on the end of the couch ––– or still better ––– thrown halfway across the room then landing on the floor, just because.

But what if the arrival point for home were something more simple while also more elegant than a few steps through a doorway. What if there were a ritual, some significant act or dedication which marks that moment, time and time again, when we're certain that we're no longer out, but have arrived at home.

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