No. 67. - The Seltzer Series - Introduction.

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

September 30th, 2019

Canada Dry v. Seagrams v. Schweppes v. Polar. If there is a difference between these, we'll find out through our Seltzer Series. Personally, I gravitate toward Canada Dry, though I can't say why.

I didn't drink seltzer before I moved to New York, nor did I think very much about it. Growing up in Indianapolis, Indiana, I remember my parents bringing Fresca home after trips to the grocery store; though Fresca is different from seltzer. Fresca has a flavor: lime and grapefruit, and my young mind could grasp why someone would want something cool, crisp, and lightly flavored to sip on during a meal, or just after a meal, or just because on a summer's day.

Of course we also had Sprite, which I always viewed as a classy alternative to Coca-Cola. But having moved here in 2011, I've grown to understand that there's something special about seltzer in this city. It's everywhere. And at some point, they must have become a part of each other; Seltzer and New York, New York and seltzer.

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