No. 69 - The Seltzer Series - The Ten Ounce Glass Bottle.

October Second, 2019

When I thought of the Seltzer Series, I first thought of a few of the brands: Canada Dry, Schweppes, Seagram's, Polar; and failed to think of another element of seltzer: its confines. This evening I'm wrapping my mind around the ten ounce glass bottle, which travels in packs of six. Last week while browsing the beverage aisle of Associated, I was lulled into selecting this seltzer format, but why?

Although it's smaller than the standard aluminum twelve ounce can, there must have been something unique and distinct about the presentation that drew me in. These were glass bottles, substantial items, and items with gravitas. Yet, when I brought them home and began pouring them into my iced-cube-filled glasses and drinking the seltzer, as the glass reached its end at a rate that felt like far too soon, all I could think was, Man, those two ounces make a difference.

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