No. 84 - An Oral History of Curlew, told in however many parts the story requires.

October 17th, 2019.

I decided upon the name, "Curlew," after leafing through my copy of the Peterson's Field Guide of Eastern Birds on a Saturday afternoon in the late Spring of 2015, a book that I acquired as a result of a bird-watching trip that I took while in the tenth grade. We left from our high school in Indianapolis, and visited a small town in rural Georgia; I can't recall exactly where.

In July of 2015, I found Fred Bosworth's The Last of the Curlews (1955), and formed an LLC for Curlew New York one week before the close of July, a few days after I closed my first sale as a real estate broker; a three-family brownstone in Crown Heights, on St. Marks Avenue.

It wouldn't be another two years and one month until we would launch the first issue of Curlew Quarterly.

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