No. 85 - Curlew Quarterly - Issue No. 7 - Autumn 2019 - Launch Reading at Housing Works - 10/30/19.

October 18th, 2019

We're getting the band back together. Will you join us? Wednesday, October 30th, 2019 at seven in the evening, we'll read from the pages of Issue No. 7 - Autumn 2019. The location: Housing Works Soho - 130 Crosby Street, New York, NY 10012. Issue No. 7 - Autumn 2019 features, essays and personal narratives from: Jodie Briggs "Sounds"; and Allison Theresa "Green";

Fiction from: Karl Schmieder "Fifteen Minute Confession" Poetry from: Beatriz Kay “Fourteen-dollar Poke Bowl, c/o Inay” and “Madonna”; and Catherine Wald "A Rent Stabilized-Tenant Ponders Her Demise" and "Broadway at 102, 6:22am.” Photography (as well as interview collaboration) from: Emily Fishman (cover) Adrian Moens; and Alexandra Bildsoe. Three years ago I had an idea that a real estate company can and should publish a printed literary journal. This evening I can say, it’s possible to tell whether an idea is working: if my heart opens when I pour energy and faith into, then I go forth. Then the universe and the gods have their say. To date, I’ve met and continue to meet so many incredible people who’ve seen and continue to see what this company and this magazine can become. And for that, I’m forever grateful. As time passes, it’s tempting to pinpoint a moment where our journal was no longer in the process of becoming, but at last and at once, arrived. But why? We are here, writing, talking, taking photographs and portraits, and studying the line between the writer and the writer’s home. I am an extension of where I am, and where I am sinks into me in a multitude of ways and forms and fashions that I cannot measure or comprehend. For reasons that stretch beyond my imagination, the doors and opportunities for Curlew have continued opening, and revealing themselves. And if for no other reason, we go on: prepared, curious, expectant, delighted.

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