No. 9 - "Our Bookshelf Collection, Part One."

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

August 3rd, 2019

Our bookshelf collection, Part One: (1) Liora Mondlak’s place, as photographed by Emily Fishman; (2) Abigail Conklin’s place, as photographed by Adrian Moens; and (3) Megan Cossey’s place, as photographed by Alexandra Bildsoe.

What’s a bookshelf mean to you? For me, it means home base ––– a space to store and display the wisdom and stories that have inspired me through the years, and has played a role in shaping who I am, and who I am becoming.

The bookshelf says to my guests, and also says back to me: these are the titles and authors who are important, the ones who I believe in, and the ones who, at any moment, I may go back to.

It’s an achievement in and of itself, the bookshelf. Just to have one means I have the ability to direct my focus and attention; that I can get up, stand in front of my bookshelf, and at any moment, decide what I’d like to read, and what I’d like to make of my life next. These are three of our favorite. Part two, forthcoming.

- Isaac Myers III


Photograph (above) by Emily Fishman, from Liora Mondlak's home.


Photograph (above) by Adrian Moens, from Abigail Conklin's home.


Photograph (above) by Alexandra Bildsoe, from Megan Cossey's home.


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