Issue No. 2 - Autumn 2017.


PREVIEW. Issue No. 2 - 2017, Featuring work by: Alexandra Bildsoe, Megan Cossey, Emily Fishman, Chris Gisonny, Adrian Moens, Isaac Myers III, Jamie O'Hara Laurens, Friko Starc, and Mervyn Taylor. 

  • Issue No. 2 - Autumn 2017.



    Curlew Quarterly: Issue No. 2. – Autumn 2017 - Launch Party - December 14th, 7pm - 68 Jay Street, Suite 503, Brooklyn, NY 11201. 
    Issue No. 2 - Autumn 2017 of Curlew Quarterly awaits! Next Thursday evening, we'll read from its pages, and gather to celebrate the end of the year.  
    Issue No. 2 opens with Chris Gisonny's dive into the history of films set in New York City since the infamous New York Daily News headline: “Ford to City: Drop Dead.” His piece "Crisis Cinema: New York, Austerity, and the Movies," takes a close look at how the films set in New York from the mid-seventies until the present help chronicle how the city has transformed over the last forty-two years, and how New Yorkers have managed to “trade the high murder rate and low rents for a low murder rate and rents so exorbitant it's grotesque.”
    In "How Instincts Explain the World," Isaac Myers III profiles the strategist, Friko Starc, who hails from Argentina, and speaks five languages. In 2005 he saw the BBC documentary, The Century of the Self, then forever changed the way he helps companies and brands connect with their audiences.  
    Megan Cossey's short story, "Father & Mothers, Sisters & Brothers," might help you prepare for the holiday hang-over before it begins, as she writes of a woman who leaves a Thanksgiving dinner knowing that she has to put things together with her brother, and with her parents, and with herself. 
    We went to Park Slope, and spoke with Jamie O'Hara Laurens, who offers two poems, "The Weak Calligraphy of Songbird Cages," and "The Return of Marine Life to the Gowanus Canal," both of which bring a bit of the great outdoors and wilderness into the city. 
    The Trinidadian poet, Mervyn Taylor, divides his time between Brooklyn and Trinidad; has written six books of poems; and has lived in the same apartment in Flatsbush along Ocean Avenue that looks out on Prospect Park since 1981. We've published two of his poems, “Nostrand Avenue,” and “Things I Can’t Throw Away,” both of which appear in his most recent book, Voices Carry (2017).
    Photographs and portraits by Emily Fishman and Alexandra Bildsoe, and for the first time, Adrian Moens, tie Issue No. 2 together, with Alexandra also offering three original illustrations –– one for our market report, one for Chris’ essay, and a third for Megan's short story.  
    We’ll be reading from Issue No. 2 next Thursday, December 14th at 7pm from our office at 68 Jay Street, Suite 503, Brooklyn, New York 11201. Take the F Train to York Street. We would love to see you there.
    And as always, please feel free to drop us a line at anytime.

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