Issue No. 4 - Summer 2018




Curlew Quarterly - Issue No. 4 - Summer - 2018


Featuring work by Liz Adams; Abigail Conklin; Anaïs Duplan; Emily Fishman; Dale Kaplan; Adrian Moens; Isaac Myers III; and Andy Watson. 


Issue No. 4 - Summer 2018 - Includes interviews with Adams, Conklin, Duplan, and Watson, along with: 


Two poems by Liz Adams:  "Self Portrait as a Still Life," and "Linens";


Two poems by Abigail Conklin: "I Think it Would've Made You Happy," and "Seasonal Social Events";


An Essay by Anaïs Duplan: "New Black Music is This"; 


One profile of Dale Kaplan by Isaac Myers III: "Ringolevio - 68 Jay Street";


One short story by Andy Watson:  "The Edge of Time"; and


Photography by Emily Fishman and Adrian Moens throughout. 

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