Issue No. 3 - Winter - 2017-18.





Alexandra Bildsoe

Tess Congo

Tom Davidson

Emily Fishman

Ashley Glass

Adrian Moens

Diana Poon


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Adrian Moens

  • Issue No. 3 - Winter - 2017-18.



    Issue No. 3 - Launch Party - May 3rd, 2018 - 7:00pm - 68 Jay Street, Suite 503, Brooklyn, NY 11201.


    Reports heard from approximately one-half mile inland of the most western coast of Dumbo, Brooklyn. Apparently a literary and photo journal of New York City neighborhoods, Curlew Quarterly, has released its third issue (Winter 2017-18).


    Full confirmation is still pending; however, reliable and accredited sources have reported that the issue will include black and white photographs of world-class boxers taken by Emily Fishman, and shot from within the confines of the oldest boxing gym in the United States, Gleason's. The photographs, we're told, were taken in support of the reports of a first-person account of Ashley Glass, in a piece entitled "A Bell Goes Off," which refers in part to the actual bells going off within the gym, along with the metaphorical bells that may or may not go off within one's mind in the form of an idea, while training there. 


    This too is just in: the issue it appears will also include a photo essay of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, comprised of twenty-two images shot by Adrian Moens, who walked and walked and walked around and within the shadows of the highway, and at times nearly risked his life while darting across and over the streets of Brooklyn, in order to capture photographs of the highway's most intimate and vulnerable stretches of concrete and steel.  


    It has in fact been confirmed without any doubt that photographs taken by Alexandra Bildsoe of the London plane tree in its native state appear on more than one occasion within the journal's pages, both before and also after poems as well as an interview of the Englishman, Tom Davidson, who lives in Prospect Heights, and has offered two "persona" poems, “Bobby Wiley” and “Darius Azmeh-Volpato.” ––– think a portrait of a person taken through the medium of a poem. 


    College Point's own Diana Poon offers "vs. Gravity," which speaks directly to the rising and falling and rising again hills of the neighborhood most commonly referred to as Forest Hills, Queens, where she resides. She has also offered the instructional poem,  "How to be a Native New Yorker," which includes the opening lines of which we have taken note, "You don’t gotta be born here / But you gotta respect that / You don’t gotta be born here."


    Wait, hold the phones, yes, this just in as well: in fact and indeed, the third issue also includes one short story, by Tess Congo, "Winter in Persephone." Details are sparse, but we believe that the story concerns the plight of a woman who has used Instagram in order to publish her poetry and grow her list of followers who look on, adoringly, at her beautiful and perfect life; which just might not be that beautiful, and certainly by any extent is not that perfect. 


    The editor of the journal, Isaac Myers III, has just communicated that he has also written an introductory piece, "Prospectus - Issue No. 3 - Winter 2017-18," regarding Jane Jacobs' book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, and its impact on the vision for the journal itself. 


    By nearly all accounts it has been a long and trying winter, but it appears that we have made it through the snow and rain and ice and nor’easters and bomb cyclones and multiple bouts of thunder-snow and at last into spring. 


    In celebration and in a collective exhale, we will gather to read from the pages of Issue No. 3 next Thursday, May 3rd, 2018 at 7:00pm. The address is 68 Jay Street, Suite 503. Take the F Train to York Street. We would love to see you there. 

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