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Koby Keys in Motion.

Isaac Myers III 

Issue No. 5 - Autumn 2018.

Fair or unfair the real estate investor ––– much like the real estate agent and the real estate broker ––– gets a bad rap. To invest in real estate and to purchase another person’s house is to pounce; and can be interpreted and viewed as an act of aggression, and a way to express dominance and domain. That which once was yours, has now become mine.

Let's say the weather is crisp and clear. It's the middle of October, and Halloween is two weeks away. You're not sure what you'd like to dress as for Halloween, or whether you'll dress up at all. If you have children, you're not sure what they'll want to be for the holiday, or how much time and energy you'd like to expend to help them prepare.

Friko Starc walks with the precision and focus of a man on a mission. He moves with an excitement and confidence which gives off the vibe that the party may commence (or keep going) whenever he walks into a room. 

Robert Englebright moved from Chicago to New York in 1999. His first apartment was in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. By the time the millennium turned, he had spent over a decade learning and practicing the craft of commercial photography. 


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